4.23.14 Training

Worked up to a few heavier singles on floor press (90% of regular bench max), then some rep work on bench and light arms to finish. Grinding right now honestly. My body is tired…my mind is tired. The next 3 weeks or so will only push me even harder, but I’ll have a mini break after that and should be able to recharge a little. Until then, just gotta keep fighting through.

Warmup: 1 mile stationary bike, foam rolling, shoulder mobility, 15 pushups, 5 plyo pushups

1) Barbell Floor Press (all full-pause reps): 120x10, 170x6, 210x4, 250x2, 280x1, 290x1, 300x1

2A) Wide-grip Lat Pulldown: 110x12, 12, 12

2B) Barbell Bench Press: 210x14, 200x14

3A) Seated Cable Chest Flies: 60x15, 15

3B) Band Pushdowns: 25, 25, 25, 25

3C) Standing Cable Bicep Curls: 100x12, 100x10, 110x10, 10

3D) Boxer Crunches: 15, 15, 15

But if these years have taught me anything it is this: you can never run away. Not ever. The only way out is in.
Junot Díaz, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (via splitterherzen)